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Image by Meiying Ng

About Us

We are showcasing the rich tapestry of Ujjain's culture, history, and modern vibrancy.

Welcome to UjjainWale, your digital companion on a journey through the heart of Ujjain! For the past five years, we've been passionately sharing the soul-stirring stories and vibrant facets of our beloved city on our Instagram page, @ujjain_wale_

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Our Story

Embarking on a journey five years ago, UjjainWale began as a humble endeavor to capture and share the heartbeat of Ujjain. With a passion for storytelling and a love for our city, we've woven a digital tapestry that showcases Ujjain's rich culture, history, and unique narratives.

Every post is a brushstroke painting the canvas of Ujjain's essence, from historical anecdotes that echo through time to the vibrant pulse of contemporary events. Our commitment is to offer a portal into the soul of Ujjain, a place where each image, each word, is a celebration of our city's diverse spirit.

UjjainWale is more than a platform; it's a journey we share with our followers. Together, we've explored hidden gems, savored the flavors, and uncovered the stories that define Ujjain. Join us as we continue to unveil the beauty, history, and untold tales that make Ujjain truly remarkable.


Our Team.

"The UjjainWale team is a passionate collective committed to unveiling the soul of Ujjain. With diverse backgrounds and shared love for storytelling, we collaborate to bring you authentic glimpses of our city's culture, history, and vibrant tapestry. Together, we explore, celebrate, and share Ujjain's essence."

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